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We have created unique programs for the startup ecosystem. This program offers powerful benefits, all year around as the program is offered on an annual basis. Startups at any stage can benefit from the program. Startups looking for funding will be able to campaign multiple rounds throughout their annual program as well as upgrade/renew their program thereafter. Startups that have just raised funds can also leverage the program to meet with corporates and stay in touch with future investors by providing constant updates on their business through our proprietary CBA Investor Portal. Irrespective of the type of program, each startup member is provided a dedicated Investment Manager (IM), creating high value to startups.

Annual Program Categories

Our Program includes:

Global Investors

A network of smart and vertical focused investors

Pitch Feedback

Your IM will provide feedback of your pitch during onboarding and campaigns which will be based on investor feedback. The feedback can help you not only to sharpen your presentation but also to establish milestones attractive for investors.

Campaigns to investors

Your IM will identify the right investors from our network of 200 plus angel groups and 3000 plus investors including corporates, and start the campaign to arrange your calls and meetings.

Investor Call and Meeting Support

Your IM will arrange meetings with institutional and accredited investors and stay engaged. As the investors are based around the world, multiple meetings will be planned based on time zones. We also work with angel groups, investment clubs and corporates where a startup member can pitch to live events.

We also do physical events and work with other event organizers where the startup member may have an opportunity to pitch.

Dynamic Traction Updates

Your IM will keep the interested investors updated on our proprietary CBA Investor Portal based on your feedback about milestone achievements or important developments. This process starts developing relationship with interested investors who may be looking for a particular milestone to make investment decision.


A network of more than 2000 domain experts spread around the world

Currently we do not actively campaign for getting mentors and experts for the startup members. However, during campaigns the opportunity gets exposed to various angel groups and many of their members are domain experts who may offer their expertise to startups.

We are in the process of making a more robust offering for startups about finding mentors and experts. Right now the startup member can discuss with the IM for this possibility.

Exposure to Corporates

A network of 2000 corporates in most OECD countries

Corporates and startups have started working together. Early adopter corporates have seen clear benefits in engaging startups at various stages.

We work with corporates who are looking for strategic innovations through startups. We offer them no cost program and very focused technology scouting programs.

For our startup members' exposure to corporate is a soft or direct benefit. If the startup member wants to target particular corporate and if it is viable for us, your IM can work with you.

Media Exposure

A network of main stream and startup media in 40 startup ecosystems

We have a dedicated Media and PR team which works with media publishers around the world who are always looking for exciting content.

We select great stories from our members and publish it on our blog.

Our events are covered by various media outlets and it is possible that the startup member's company may get covered. For more focused media strategy, the startup member can discuss with the IM.

Investor Update Service

Service for keeping your investors updated

Diamond Members can avail this unique service where the startup member can keep their investors updated about status of the company. This service prepares the startup member for establishing a robust relationship with investors and good governance.

Exposure to other stakeholders

From our network around the world

We work with incubators, accelerators, universities, economic development organizations, Professional service providers, trade associations and Government organizations, contributing to startup ecosystems.

Startup members can get direct or indirect exposure with our network through webinars, events or direct joint programs with any of these stakeholders.

Sales Assist

A network of corporates and channel partners

This is an optional service. As we have a global network of corporates and channel partners, for the right selected products and services, we can introduce our startup members to right companies and partners. The terms of this service will depend on commercials specific to products and services of the startup member company.

Live Campaign Metrics ( As of 7th December 2018 )

In 2018

  • 165 investor meetings scheduled for various startup members.
  • 49 new corporate and VC members.
Investor Meetings
(as per Geography)

Asia Pacific
North America
Investor Meetings
(as per Investor Type)

Angel Groups & Business Angels
Family Offices
Startup Members

Others includes: Australia, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Cyprus, Germany, Ireland, Serbia, Singapore, Estonia

Startup Members
Enterprise SaaS
Living / Homes / Real Estate
(in $ millions)

Industrial Automation
Animal Health

For startup members who are looking for exit in 24 to 60 months, you can talk with the IM who can introduce to our associate
company Scaale for their Build Value to Exit Program.

  • Note :  CBA team would share the program fees and process over an email once shortlisted and selected.