istarthub Accelerators

Accelerators for Regional Stakeholders, Corporates and Group of Investors

istarthub is an Accelerator program for seed stage companies leveraging our CBA Seed 2 Growth Program and resources of our Investor and Corporate Partners.

Regional Accelerators

focused on local economic development

Industry Specific Accelerators

focused on leveraging global industry expertise

Special Purpose Accelerators

focused on achieving objectives of special groups

Features of the program for investors

Building Value to Exit

Co-Investment Opportunity

Lower Risk

Local & Global Dealflow

One Year
Customized Program

Access to High Quality
Mentors & Experts

Leveraging Global
Human Capital

Bridge to
Innovation Hotspots

Seamless Across
Verticals & Markets

Features of the program for entrepreneurs
Investor Partner
Investment In Terms
Of Convertible Note
High Potential
Market Access
Multiple Program

Criteria of Selection

The selection criteria of startups will vary for each Accelerator based on the objectives of our investor partners. However some of the common attributes of startups are as under-

Revenue Focused
Stakeholder Focused
Creating Better Jobs
Technology For
Making Lives Better
Seed Stage

Current Programs

istarthub Brampton

istarthub InsurTech

istarthub Animal Health

Please reach us at to discuss the program