Smart Home

The Opportunity

Sector Evolution in India

The Global smart home automation market size was USD 17.48 billion in 2016, USD 23.5 Billion in 2018 and as per trends is positively inclined and rapidly growing. The market is being primarily driven by increasing awareness for less energy consumption, the rise in electricity prices, advancement in technology and simplicity in the functionality. Furthermore, increase in safety & security concerns and additional services such as locking of doors and windows along with surveillance of cameras is expected to boost the market growth.

As the HomeTech industry grows, we continue to learn, explore and benefit from the Internet of things. Smart devices and home automation promise an improved lifestyle, Savings, Safety, Ease of Control, Convenience and Comfort.

Market Dynamics

The Industry is at its Nascent stage in India. There are few players in the market who are focused on lighting systems and Security devices.

According to recent stats only 1.5% of India has smart home technology. The home automation market in India is expected to cross Rs 50,000 crore by 2024. The catalysts for the growth of this sector include better Network connectivity, consumer awareness and cost effective devices. IoT (or internet of things where all devices are connected) is a buzzword with about 38% of advanced tech startups working in this space. At present, it is not limited to metro cities only but this market is finding great traction in tier I and tier II cities also.

Technology Penetration

Smart homes basically integrates the -

  • Lighting, Window and Appliance Control
  • Home Appliances
  • Health Care Assistance
  • Security and Access
  • Climate Control and
  • Energy Management

Traditionally where the user would need to be physically present to turn ON Switches to control devices. Smart Homes allow you to control devices remotely. The user could be on holiday but able to monitor his home security and other household appliances. Home automation allows the user to control home functions to perform automatically by phone/web app triggers, scheduling events OR by the user's voice commands.

Smart Home Verticals

Smart Lighting

Intelligent Security

Interactive Home

Multimedia Control

Triggers and Protection

Climate Control


Smart Furniture

Program Variants

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A dedicated India Sales Manager from the relevant industry will be placed to manage the channel development activities. The Manager will be responsible for client account management and will be ably supported by CBA's on-ground channel development team.

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Four exclusive events (one every quarter) will be conducted at any of CBA's offices in India to interact with potential clients, channel partners, regulators and industry stakeholders.

Digital Presence

CBA will create an India specific webpage and run social media campaigns for the duration of the program.

Advisory Board Access

Ongoing access to CBA's Smart Home Advisory Board for guidance and market specific inputs.

Dedicated Office

A dedicated seat with meeting room access will be provided to the India Sales Manager in any one of CBA's offices in India

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