The Opportunity

Sector Evolution in India

Indian FinTech industry is known for its fast-paced and dynamic nature. The industry was virtually in oblivion until late-2016, when, according to some, the formalization of the economy began post-demonetization. The sector has been growing with a CAGR of 22% – or about three-times the GDP growth rate of India! NASSCOM predicts that India's FinTech software market alone could touch US$ 2.4 billion by 2020, doubling on the current rate of growth.

Market Dynamics

40% of India is currently not connected to banks and 87% of payments are made in cash despite demonetization! By some estimates, as much as 90 percent of small businesses are not linked to formal financial institutions. With mobile phone penetration expected to increase to 85-90 percent in 2020 from 65-75 percent currently, and internet penetration steadily climbing, the growth potential for FinTech in India cannot be overstated.

Technology Penetration

While traditional banks (around 100) and NBFCs (around 1100) in India use technology to simply calculate credit scores, FinTech startups use machine learning algorithms and alternative data points such as social media footprints, call records, shopping histories, and payments to utility service providers to increase efficiency and provide greater access to credit. The Average Turnaround Time for banks to process loans was 28.5 days which was reduced to 1 Day after digitization. FinTech startups take a average of 1-10 minutes to process similar loans with many more added parameters for credit rating.

FinTech Verticals



International Money Transfer

Personal Finance

Equity Financing

Consumer Banking



Program Variants

Exclusive India Sales Manager

A dedicated India Sales Manager from the relevant industry will be placed to manage the channel development activities. The Manager will be responsible for client account management and will be ably supported by CBA's on-ground channel development team.

Exclusive Events

Four exclusive events (one every quarter) will be conducted at any of CBA's offices in India to interact with potential clients, channel partners, regulators and industry stakeholders.

Digital Presence

CBA will create an India specific webpage and run social media campaigns for the duration of the program.

Advisory Board Access

Ongoing access to CBA's FinTech Advisory Board for guidance and market specific inputs.

Dedicated Office

A dedicated seat with meeting room access will be provided to the India Sales Manager in any one of CBA's offices in India

Participant Profile

India Ready
Product/Business Model
Capitalized by
Pedigreed Founding Team
& Advisory Board
Validated Business
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