Frequently Asked Questions - Start-ups

  • What is CBA?
  • CBA is a US corporation which started as an Angel Group focused on cross border investments and has now evolved into building the world's largest start-up ecosystem, with its program-driven model for Angel Groups, VCs, Corporates and start-ups. The ecosystem provides its start-up members various attributes to engage actively with other category members annually in the form of investment discussions, market access partnerships, technological collaborations, media engagements and investor communications support.

  • Do all applications from start-ups get accepted on CBA?
  • All applications from start-ups go through an exhaustive three-layer screening process before they get accepted on CBA. The first layer involves the start-up providing non-confidential information about the business/product along with any videos or marketing material. This assessment is followed by an internal analysis by the CBA team to decide the appropriateness of the program to be offered to the start-up. The process culminates after a 1-hour screening call with CBA Deal Managers and offer of program.

  • How many campaigns are currently running on CBA?
  • In any given month, we have about 25 plus active start-up campaigns running globally through our ecosystem.

  • How many start-ups received funding through CBA?
  • Capital campaigning is an integral attribute of our start-up programs but not the only objective. Our media section provides information about the various start-up program members that have been campaigned through CBA and covered by the global media on their investment rounds. Since CBA does not take a success fee, equity and/or carry, the scope of our work is limited to campaigning and introducing the interested investors from around the world to the appropriate start-ups. As of now, we do not track all transactions unless explicitly communicated by the parties or through the public media.

    Our endeavour is to maximize investor meetings for out start-up program members and these metrics are updated every week at Only since the beginning of 2018, start-up program members have received over 150 investor meetings globally.

  • Could CBA provide references?
  • CBA receives about 75 plus applications every month from around the world. To ensure the start-ups that apply to our programs understand our ecosystem and value that they can generate, we share with them a very detailed FAQ. We also highlight the traction received by our start-up members in the form of closing an investment or positive investor interactions, a new corporate partnership and media interactions. start-ups interested in our programs are free to reach out directly to our existing members but CBA is bound by confidentiality on one side and on the other, we believe that if our current and previous members start receiving requests from potential members for sharing their experiences at CBA, they would need to address multiple such requests every month, which is not feasible & fair for the respondent. Hence, as a policy, we do not introduce other members but start-ups are encouraged to directly contact any start-up from our ecosystem that you may have come across through our website or the various media coverages we've received over the years.

  • Despite the screening, why do some start-ups not get traction in the CBA ecosystem?
  • One of the most important role of CBA is to screen high potential start-ups from around the world and enable them to leverage our ecosystem through fund raising, sales partnerships, corporate engagements, media interactions, etc. According to us, the definition of a high potential start-up is one which

    1. has achieved traction,

    2. market validation,

    3. customer adoption and

    4. preferably has co-investors interested to participate in the round.

    These attributes are suitable first level risk mitigating filters for global investors & partners. Beyond these, there are multiple variables such as: pedigree of the founding team, maturity of the market, intensity of the competition, expectations in terms of valuation, exit strategy, etc. which come out during campaign discussions with investors & partners and influence their interest levels.

  • How much funds and how many partnerships can start-up program members campaign on CBA during the 1 year Program?
  • There is no limit to the amount of funds or number of partnerships entrepreneur members can facilitate through CBA during the validity of the program. In fact, start-up members can revise their fund raise amount depending on the commitments received from investors, or any other reason.