Technology Scouting

Innovation within and outside comfort zone

As the technology and consumer adoption is moving at exponential speed, it is hard to do all research and development internally. Innovation is leveraging your knowledge or attributes to create value. By expanding the reach in global startup ecosystem, corporates can not only maintain the edge but also be the change and not follow change.

We offer various technology scouting programs to established and upcoming corporates. Additionally, working with us will allow you to look at startups , products or services beyond your own vertical.

We can work with you on a deal to deal basis or offer more committed programs of Technology Scouting.

Why Technology Scouting?

  • Scout, identify and acquire disruptive technologies at an early stage to exploit full market potential and avoid future acquisitions at higher valuations.
  • Early acquisitions provide most flexibility in the integration process.
  • Companies can solve technical problems - arising out of even the smallest changes in the competitive landscape - quickly, and gain novel skills without increasing overheads.
  • To keep pace with global innovation, companies should complement in-house Research & Development with external innovation, typically based on a 'build vs buy' analysis.
  • Acquihire, as major technology ecosystems around the world not only have access to innovative technologies but also a strong technical workforce.
  • Accelerate product development cycle by improving process efficiency, reducing risk and even opening access to technology outside the company's realm of expertise.
  • Continuous source of deal flow which ensures the company is in the forefront of innovation and product development.

Incubator / Accelerator

We establish and manage Incubators & Accelerators for Corporates and Groups of Investors.

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Technology Scouting
as a project

This program offers one time engagement of finding a group of startups with well defined objectives.

Technology Scouting
as a Service

This program is much more engaging and on an ongoing basis. This program can be an extension of your existing Innovation Program or an independent program outside the company. This program is also good for building very niche verticals.

We also offer a Silicon Valley based program with satellite offices across our global locations.

Industry Specific
Pitch Competition

In the last three years, we have managed more than 100 events including two large startup competitions and conferences. We can design and manage pitch competition at various innovation hot spots. It can be a one-off event or a series of events with a grand finale.