Analysts As A Service

Have our Analysts do the Critical backend research & Number crunching to help accelerate your decision making.


Need an analyst?

We all know, to have a perfect meeting or a presentation, how important it is to learn as much as you can about the company, prospective client, their key people, customer, financials or their competitors. We also know that the bulk of the required work is in-depth and insightful research and analytics along with financial intelligence rather than plain numbers which requires you to have a skilled workforce at your service capable of delivering an output as per your expectations.

We are here to help to make this task easier & hassle free. Whether you are a Hedge Fund looking for backend research team to devise strategies, an equity research firm looking to study markets and analyse financial reports to give recommendations, a multi family office looking to profile some of the Ultra High Networth in a geography, market research or analytics firm requiring backend support, or a PE/VC that requires analysts to evaluate companies and study a particular market and investment opportunities, we can support in any such specific needs by leveraging on our extensive knowledge base and in house experience.

We can on-board sufficient in-house analytical team to boost your operations but hosted in our office and free your time to dedicate it to something more valuable, all of this in the country's financial Hub - Mumbai

What we do

Hire on demand curated Talent to execute your Financials & market Analysis in the leading Financial Hub of the country. Manage them end - to - end tn ensure continuous service delivery to your onsite requirements Ability to hire talent in all the shifts to give 24*7 support

How we do it

On-demand service when required Minimum
one day service
On-site or Off-site services

Why we do it

Access to some of the best talent pools Proven Execution experience of execution for the past 10 years. Presence of in-house Domain Knowledge Enables you to Focus time on commercials & not analytics