About Us

Innovation is happening everywhere, startups need right stakeholders to make their companies smart and grow faster. - Kaushal Chokshi

Cross Border Angels ( CBA ) is building a startup ecosystem for startups to meet with investors, corporates and other startup stakeholders through its global network, online portal and physical and virtual events.

CBA understand that innovation is happening everywhere. However, startups need right investors to make their company smarter and grow faster. CBA is passionate about finding the right stakeholders to meet with startups, which can make their company smarter and grow faster.

CBA works with institutional investors such as angel groups, micro VCs, family offices, venture capital and private equity groups around the world to provide them curated vertical-focused investment opportunities. CBA also has various programs for corporates in OECD and emerging economies to find innovative companies to expand their innovation ecosystem through investment, acquisition, use of technology or establish strategic alliances at the right time. CBA works with incubators and accelerators in 40 global innovation hubs to assist them to create additional value for their portfolio companies through our global resources.

CBA works with various economic development organizations to provide smarter resources to local startups who can think about going global from day one. CBA works with universities by establishing and managing their innovation programs, including setting up a program for their alumni groups.

CBA belongs to a group of companies which has been involved in global businesses for more than 30 years. We have not only seen evolution of technology but have stayed in forefront of technology adoption. Our group companies have developed online portals in the 90s; we have undertaken large scale global virtual project management since the 80s and 90s. We do not claim to know everything but we do know how to assist various stakeholders to meet with a context and create a platform for predictable serendipity!

Our History

  • 2010
Founder Chairman goes around the world and meets 300 startups.
  • 2012
CBA was formed to create a group of like-minded investors who will like to invest anywhere in the world.
  • 2013
Launched CBA in India with first Pitch2CBA in Mumbai.
  • 2015
Launched CBA in UK with Startup 2 Startup Event in London.
  • 2015
  • Launched CBA in Europe with various events.
  • Launched Startup India Rocks at Goa, India with ET Now as media partner.
  • 2016
  • Managed 60 Pitch2CBA events around the world including China.
  • Much larger Startup India Rocks at Bangalore.
  • 2017
  • Based on local experience, feedback and looking at future company pivoted to "building startup ecosystem" a project much more ambitious than angel investor network.
  • Launched CBA annual membership for startups.
  • 2018
  • Launched new version of CBA Portal for Investors.
  • Launch CBA Catalysts in Canada and India.
  • Launched Seed 2 Exit Programs.
  • Launched CBA Workforce Acceleration Program.
  • Launched CBA Marketplace.
  • Launched istarthub Program.
  • 2019 Plan
  • istarthub India Market Access Launch in Q1.
  • istarthub for Infrastructure in Gujarat in Q2.
  • istarthub for Hospitality in Q2 in Canada.
  • Expansion of CBA Catalysts in USA and Europe in Q2.
  • Strengthen CBA Workforce Acceleration Program in Canada and Europe.
  • Multiple events with Startup World Rocks throughout the year.
  • Launch of CBA Academy for Graduates with Idea of Business in Q2.