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  • An early-stage venture capital firm from Berlin primarily focused on SaaS and online marketplaces is looking at one of our Australian startup members, which is a SaaS API platform with native services as well as a FinTech marketplace targeting banks, and is exploring investment and synergies in this space. - 12 November 2018

  • The biggest vegetarian community in Spain with 155,000 registered users that helps vegetarian people to eat correctly and also has an online shop of vegetarian food products are open to collaborations with our Spanish F&B tech space startup member. - 6 November 2018

  • Spain based business that helps new entrants develop strategically and assist innovative projects to generate competitive advantages in this new market context is open to discuss strategic partnership possibilities with our Spanish startup member that offers premium and niche brands in different categories of gourmet, organic, winery and other beverages. - 6 November 2018

  • French VC that actively funds innovative companies within Life Sciences had a discussion with one of our UK based startup members, which is a scientific research company established to improve the gut microbiome for animals and is seeking further strategic partners for market access & growth funding opportunities. - 01 November, 2018

  • London based Venture capital firm, that focuses on high growth consumer brand businesses in both digital and non-tech is now a CBA Investor Member. They consider investing European companies who are at seed, series A or later stage. - 31st October

  • The venture capital is a leading pan-European investor specialized in digital economy & mainly active in Europe is now a CBA Investor Member. It has also launched a new multi-corporate fund & are interested in fast growing digital companies like; Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, Cybersecurity and 5G networks, to Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Software Design. - 31st October

  • US based Venture Capital firm, with an enhanced focus on bioscience had an interaction with one of our UK based startup members, which is a scientific research company established to improve the gut microbiome for animals, including racehorses, pets, and cattle, and is exploring investment and synergies with its portfolio companies in this space. - 19 October 2018

  • Belgium based Equity fund that operates both early stage and growth stage investment vehicles targeting technology companies, headquartered in Europe and the United Kingdom that display the potential for significant value creation had an investment meeting with our Startup member which is a SaaS based data intelligence company catering towards smart infrastructure management in fleet, traffic and water management - August 29, 2018

  • US based VC firm that supports foreign-born entrepreneurs and made more than a dozen investments in nearly 30 founders born in 6 different continents is conducting an investment review on our Startup member which is headquartered in Italy and makes handcrafted customised Italian shoes with a 3d configurator technology. - August 29, 2018

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  • One of the largest players in the Home Appliances space in India providing a wide range of technology products to consumers is now a CBA Corporate Member. The member is looking for strategic partnership with innovation backed startups preferably into IOT and Automated Home Appliances' space. - August 22, 2018

  • Australia based financial technology platform and marketplace that enables financial institutions to introduce innovative payment services faster and connects banks with one single connection has an investor interaction scheduled with a Corporate venture arm of an American multinational investment bank and financial services corporation that has done strategic investments in over 60 startups till date. - August 21, 2018

  • A leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company is now a CBA Corporate Member & has signed up through its strategic investment arm which focuses on investing in early- to mid-stage startups, in Enterprise Software, FinTech , and Healthcare located in US, India & Israel, between USD 1M to USD 10M. The corporate member is also keen to strategically partner with relevant startups through its open innovation vertical. - August 17, 2018

  • Early-stage hardware and enabling technologies-focused VC firm based in Hong Kong that invests in global IoT and technology startups is now a CBA Investor Member. Focus areas include Consumer, Home & Vehicle, HealthTech, Industry 4.0 and Enabling technologies. Portfolio startups get engineering and manufacturing expertise along with an opportunity to explore Asian markets including China. - August 9, 2018

  • Our Startup member operating an ecommerce platform for premium F&B products has an investor interaction scheduled with one of Europe's most established VC funds which backs companies operating in Fintech, Proptech, travel, digital health, enterprise software and digital media and also use their global network and financial expertise to give portfolio companies the best possible platform for growth. - July 26, 2018

  • An Italian multinational manufacturer and distributor of electricity and gas supplying the largest customer base Europe is now a CBA Corporate Member. It has signed up through its investment arm which aims to find innovation & scalable technological solutions with the potential to bring radical change to the energy sector & would like to do this together with the best startups & SMEs. - July 23, 2018

  • Switzerland based VC, focused on Clean-tech that primarily invests in Europe & North America, in their latest interaction with one of our Dutch startup member, which is a SaaS based data intelligence company catering towards smart infrastructure management in fleet, traffic and water management, is exploring applications of the technology with its Limited partners who are strategic investors. - July 18, 2018

  • CBA portfolio company Stelae Technologies has signed MoU with Airbus entity Navblue - July 13,2018

  • 4 startup members (based out of Australia, Germany and India) received an opportunity to pitch to 4 Chinese angel investors - July 12, 2018

  • A UK based early stage independent VC, set up to invest in startups that are impacting the rapidly evolving Digital Media ecosystem, is now a CBA Investor Member. Target investment markets are North America & Europe. Ticket size $250K-$3M.

  • An Italy based startup member in the area of AI based smart home lighting and climate control devices had 2 investor meetings over the last 7 days - with an Italy based innovation focused Angel Group and a Silicon Valley based AI focused corporate venture capital arm of a Japanese automotive manufacturer.

  • Our startup members are being provided an opportunity to visit China for a well-known international innovation and entrepreneurship event. Startup Members would get a chance to meet and interact with investors, potential partners, and government representatives at the event, with the cost of accommodation and travel covered by the organizers.

  • An Italian startup member that operates a marketplace for customized shoes, had investment meetings with a Europe based venture capital fund, an Austria based Angel Group and 2 corporate investors based in Asia in the multi-brand retail industry.

  • A US based startup member in the area of digital marketing and loyalty programs technology using payments data had investment meetings with 9 prospective investors, which included 5 North American venture capital funds, 1 Europe based venture fund focused on retail-tech, 2 corporate venture capital arms of leading payment solution providers globally, and a Canadian family office having their core business in hospitality and real estate industry.

  • An Estonian startup member that develops IOT devices for smart blinds, had investment meetings with the corporate venture capital arm of a Nordic based furniture company, an India based angel investor and 3 European venture capital funds.

  • An India based startup member which developed a tool for real-time industry data analytics had investment meetings with a Europe based venture capital fund and 2 corporate investors in the research industry based out of India.

  • An India based startup member which is a practical skill building solutions to the engineering student fraternity globally, had 6 investor meetings with 2 India based venture capital funds, 3 angel investors through their family offices, 1 corporate venturing arm of an Ed-tech company, and closed sales partnerships with 2 electronic distribution platforms in USA and Canada.

  • A US based startup member with an AI platform for search in the travel-tech industry, had 10 investment meetings, comprising of 5 local & international venture capital funds, a Canada based family office and 4 corporates which included an Australia based travel holdings group, 2 Europe based online travel agencies and an Indian travel bookings platform.

  • A US based startup member which has developed a public cloud security operations centre to integrate cloud security, security analytics and threat intelligence, had 4 investor meetings with early stage venture funds based in Asia and North America. It also had 2 meetings with US based corporates into cloud management solutions and a provider of data control & access on hybrid cloud respectively.

  • An Indian based startup member which is a SaaS based Enterprise Retail Platform that serves as an Operations and Commerce hub for SME retailers, manufacturers and brands had meetings with 6 prospective investors, across North America & Asia Pacific, comprising of 4 venture capitals based out of India, 1 corporate which is focused on creating value for Supply Chain based Industries and 1 Angel Investor based out of San Francisco.

  • A German startup member which has developed a robotic arm and software for various industrial applications, had meetings with 4 prospective investors, across Asia and Europe, that are venture capital funds investing in B2B industrial high-tech companies.


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