I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.
- Wayne Gretzy, Hockey Star


To Accredited & Interested Investors

A network for High Net worth Individuals, CXOs, Existing and Aspiring Angel Investors and Institutional Investors

Investor members access various types of investment opportunities

Exit oriented investment

Following the Silicon Valley model where
companies focus on aggressive growth strategy with
a goal of having exits with highest multiples.

Steady return investment

Beyond the exit-oriented ventures, there
are millions of businesses which are viable as growth
companies who can provide interest on debt or can
provide dividends or revenue share returns.

Impact investment

Where investor members are looking for
maximum impact in society. It can be triple bottom
line or social impact investment.

Investor member benefits

Co investments

Vertical focused and global with like minded investors

Screened and Curated

From 40 best startups ecosystems around the world

Collective Intelligence

Members Talk sessions and active participation at events

Investor Membership Includes

CBA Investor Portal

Access to proprietary platform to access deals

Deal Flow Management

Channelize preferred deals and introductions to startups


On angel investments and cross border investments

membership fee
  • The best way to leverage CBA is to be part of a local business angel investment group. Angel investment is a high risk investment particularly international angel investment. It is better to work with other seasoned investors and co invest with them.
  • Existing Member of Any Angel Group or Institutional Investors ( as long as the member is accredited as per local criteria for accreditation) - Currently no fee to join
  • Investors not part of any existing angel investment group as long as the member is accredited as per local criteria for accreditation $1000 per Year