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Investor members access various types of investment opportunities

Exit oriented investment

Following the Silicon Valley model where companies focus on aggressive growth strategy with a goal of having exits with highest multiples.

debt or can provide dividends or revenue share returns.

Steady return investment

Beyond the exit-oriented ventures, there are millions of businesses which are viable as growth companies who can provide interest on debt or can provide dividends or revenue share returns.

Impact investment

Where investor members are looking for maximum impact in society. It can be triple bottom line or social impact investment.

debt or can provide dividends or revenue share returns.

Investor Member Benefits

Global 'Members Talk' session for collective intelligence. Provide an opportunity to discuss with innovation and investment related media. Fun life-style: Able to travel, and become familiar with new markets, teams, and cultures. Plug into emerging ecosystems like impact, diaspora, women focused, etc.
Access to 60+ Global Pitch events & conferences, webinars, online and offline educational workshops. Programs like Special Purpose Vehicles and Co-Investment Opportunities. Member Concierge Services coming soon! Support for legal or regulatory structure through global partners.

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$ 500 / year

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Institutional Investors

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