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what startups say

  • David Mandel, Co-Founder & Chairman, Change My Path, USA

  • Hardik Gandhi, CEO, TwigMe, India

    CBA helped us in our journey over the last few months by critically reviewing our pitch, business plans and connecting us with many domain experts and experienced investors who helped us refine our target market segment and go to market strategy.
    At an early stage, it is imperative for start-up founders to connect with and get critical feedback from as many experts as possible - whether it is to refine you pitch, your business plans, or your fund raising strategy. And CBA can be quite helpful with their vast network of connections and partnerships - saving founders a lot of time trying to approach people individually.

  • Aruna Schwarz, CEO, Stelae Technologies, India

    Let me take this occasion to state what an absolute pleasure and honour it has been and hope to continue the journey of working with CBA and the speed at which you executed the funding, starting from my email to Kaushal in May - we all know that the twilight zone between seed and series A is the tough one! And also bringing to the table the most appropriate investors.

  • Vesa Peralla, Founder & CEO, Claned, Finland

    I started working with Cross Border Angels (CBA) when my company Claned Group Ltd. started it's fundraising round. My experience with CBA is entirely positive. They are very well connected internationally, work hard to present suitable investor candidates and ensure everything necessary gets done on time. CBA was instrumental in helping Claned to raise approximately EUR 1.3 Million in 2015 and I can warmly recommend them to anyone who is looking to raise capital.

  • Ksenia Vinogradova, Founder, Flipflic, USA

    Thank you for your continuous support and making it happen for Flipflic! Also big thanks for the valuable investment, we are very proud to have CBA London One as one of our angel investors.
    Our whole experience is very positive - selection, training, hands-on approach, experienced top angels, their feedback - it has given us a lot on the way. What we like most about CBA - it's crossborder and online nature. I have been personally pitching and meeting investors during the last 6 months. For an early startup in Europe it is extremely difficult to embrace the needed amount of angel investors. The fact that you have a meeting with 10-20 investors from all over the world, all already aware of your business and already showing interest in your product - I think it saved us months of hard work and the whole round itself.
    I just want to let you know that we realize and value these things. Looking forward to continue working with your team!

  • Jan Riehle, Founder & CEO, Itaro, Brazil

    We worked with a lot of investors and also other angel groups and I must say the way you operate highly impressed us - preparatory sessions & other requirements that you consistently stick to but in a very eloquent way, platform used, communication that follows up consistently. It would really be a pleasure for us to place an investment in Itaro with one of your clients and you.

  • Sita Pallacholla, Founder, Angel Summit, India

    I would like to express the immense gratitude that I feel for all the partners who have pitched in to building The Angel Summit platform. I would like extend a special warm thank you to you and your team, which is a true example of collaboration in this fiercely competitive environment.
    I would also like for you to share some tips on how you built such a vibrant and a wonderful team across the globe. I had the fortune of interacting with most of your team members and they are all wonderful.

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